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Farewell to my Furry Friend

My pretty Pixie 

One of the toughest parts of this whole process was knowing my cat, Pixie, wouldn’t be able to make the journey to New Zealand with us. We’ve been two peas in a pod for the last 9 years together and finding her a good home to go temporarily was a top priority.

Luckily a good family friend, Diana, opened her home up to Pixie and gladly took her in with her other 1 year old kitten. Since Diana was in Nova Scotia though, Pixie had to make the long 22hr drive from Guelph, ON to Pictou, NS on our way for a visit with my family and friends.

After a long 4 hours of constant meowing, she eventually settled in and cuddled up on my lap. She even enjoyed a few parking lot leash walks in the middle of the night when we stopped to stretch

The drive to Diana’s house was tough for me though as I was sad to let her go. Pixie seemed excited though for a new place with a new friend she was about to meet! I think the whole ordeal was a lot harder on me than it was her but knowing she was in good hands made it a little easier 🙂

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  • Berkson

    If you don’t mind my asking, why wasn’t Pixie allowed to join you in New Zealand?

    • I’m sure we could have brought her, just she really doesn’t travel well and not knowing how long we would be staying initially it didn’t make sense to put her through the trauma of a 36hr flight and few weeks in quarantine.

  • Paula

    Jenna hi!
    I totally understand you! I’m going through the same with Leopolda, my dearest cat! We are planning on moving permanently to NZ (from a city called Neuquen in Patagonia Argentina) and my cat is 15 years now.. I took the hardest decision ever and agree that the best option for her is to leave her with my parents, there is no use on sending her on a 20hs flight plus all the trauma once in NZ, she is an oldie and wants to be in a quiet, relaxed place right?
    We are taking however the other four members of our family jeje! Our three cats (Tomas, Neko and Gregorio) and our crazy dog Cirila.. Hope they’ll be ok!!! And hope to find a suitable house for all of us, I’ve heard it’s quite difficult..
    Thanks a lot for sharing all these info in your blog, it is really helpful!
    Best wishes!!


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