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Last Day

Today was a very tough day.

It was difficult saying goodbye to people we’ve worked with everyday for the last 6 years. Every time someone would stop by to see me, a lump in my throat would surface and I would have to work pretty hard to keep it together.

It wasn’t long though before I finally broke down, and from then on it only took a sad ‘look’ from my co-op Laura to set me off. When Jordan came to pick me up (since I had driven my SOLD car to the dealership that morning) I was doing my best to keep it together, but after saying my final farewell and walking out of the building for the last time, I broke down into a puddle of tears in the car. By the end of the day I think my ‘ugly cry’ count of the day hit 8 (I lost the coin flip and Jordan made me post this video).

Despite the sadness in saying our goodbyes, it means a new chapter for us has begun. Throughout this journey we have had our ups and downs, including our share of doubts on this decision, but in the end it’s not the things we do that we most regret – it’s the things we don’t do.

So with that I bid farewell to my BlackBerry family and friends and hope you keep in touch and follow us on this journey!

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  • Joe

    Hi, thanks so much for this blog and all of the great information! My wife and I honeymooned there last year and ever since we have been dreaming of moving there. We both have backgrounds on the skill shortages list so we think we could get visas. We are both around 30 years old. It seems the hardest thing to do is commit to selling everything you own, quitting your job and saying goodbye to all of your friends and family. My question for you is… when you moved from Canada did you plan for it to be a permanent move to NZ “forever” or did you have an unofficial plan to move back to Canada at some point after a few years? Also, has that planned changed either way since you have moved out there? One last question is, if you had to do it all again, would you? Based on your blog I would guess yes, but I am wondering if there are any major regrets that we should consider that maybe we are overlooking. Thanks again for all of this great information! – Joe

    • Hi Joseph,
      So glad you’ve been enjoying our blog and that it’s been useful for you and your wife! It is definitely the hardest step to fully commit and move your life to the other side of the world and into the unknown! When we moved we didn’t put any hard dates or timelines around this adventure, we’ve left all doors open and just know that right now we really love it here. The hardest part is definitely being so far away from friends and family. Overall though looking back, if we were to do it all again – we definitely would!

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