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Sprint to Picton

Having made the last minute decision to do the Milford Track, we knew that meant cutting out some items on our original itinerary and making a quick sprint back up the South Island to catch the ferry to Wellington. That meant a traditional Thanksgiving dinner was not going to be possible this year – so we settled for take-out at the infamous FergBerger in Queenstown. Ryan and Jordan had a Tropical Swine (topped with pineapple, bacon, cheese, etc) and I had a traditional Fergburger with bluecheese…mmmm delicious!!

Enjoying a DELICIOUS FergBurger as our Thanksgiving dinner 

Fortunately the weather was terrible, so it made for a perfect day for driving almost 12hrs in a car. The only stop we made worth mentioning was Lake Ruataniwha as it’s turquoise color was pretty hard to miss! The massive lake looked almost fake as the color was not something you see everyday!

Lake Ruataniwha with it’s beautiful turquoise water 

As we rode the Cook Straight Ferry to Wellington, we were sad the adventure was over for now but excited for what lies ahead in Wellington!

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  • Great recap of your favorites. Our experience tells us that there is always another great adventure just around the corner and we&#39;re sure Wellington will be no exception. <br />Lov ya both, <br />

  • Anonymous

    You both look like true explorers. I agree with Wayne and Kathy above in that you seek and live the adventure. Rajivi.

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