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Best of New Zealand’s Great Walks

A year ago we set out to complete all 9 of New Zealand’s Great Walks. In our latest video we showcase the BEST of the Great Walks and hope to inspire you to get out and explore! What Great Walk is on your bucket list?


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  • Frederik

    Hey, just explored your blog, so great! Missing NZ so much!

    I would recommend the Gillespie Pass Circuit if you want to do something more adeventures 😉 It’s near Wanaka.

    Have fun in the probably best country 🙂

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  • […] Jordan and Jenna are a Canadian expat couple living in New Zealand. They write almost exclusively about New Zealand and their adventures, including moving there, the great walks or living in Wellington (it really is the cutest little capital in the world). One of the things that caught our attention at first was the awesome videos they produced as a companion to their travels. Plus, their recent adventure through New Zealand with Devin Super Tramp was quite epic! We enjoyed the “backstage” coverage they provided and naturally the high-quality videos! Our pick is their video with the best of New Zealand’s great walks. […]

  • XR

    Hi there! Really enjoyed reading your posts about your experience on all the Great Walks, they look so good! If I only had time for one (or maybe the most two) Great Walks, which would you recommend?

    • Hello!
      That’s a tough one 🙂 If you’re in the North Island, definitely do the Tongariro Northern Circuit, or at least the 1 day Crossing. If you’re in the South Island Routeburn and Kepler were my favorites 🙂

      • XR

        Hi Jenna,

        Thanks for replying! Forgot to add that I’ll be going to the south Island only, so tongariro circuit will have to be saved for another time. Just wondering, where does the Milford fit in all these? Why is it often touted as the greatest trek? Can I ask why the routeburn and kepler were your favourites?


        • Milford is in a similar area to Routeburn Track and is known as one of the greatest walks in the world. Only issue is it’s very very busy in the summer and often books up nearly a year in advance during the summer season. There’s also no flexibility as you have to walk it the same way over 4 days, while Kepler and Routeburn you can walk in 2-4 days and in either direction.

          We did the Milford Track just before it opened for the season so was nice as we had it nearly to ourselves, but it poured on us for 4 days and required a beacon due to the avalanche risk.

          I loved the Routeburn as it had a really great combination of Milford and Kepler 🙂


  • Yesterday I first discovered your blog and love it. I think I binge watched all the great walk videos, so inspiring to see.
    And a great way to make plans for our month in NZ as part of our world trip. Surely gonna keep following this blog.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!


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