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Episode 43 – Extreme Sandboarding

Te Paki and Ahipara. Two of the most epic sandboard locations in New Zealand! Sandboarding in Northland was a crazy highlight of our Christmas adventure! It’s addictive so be prepared and make sure you find some sick as jumps to shred – so awesome!

Check out our photos and blog from Te Paki and Ahipara extreme sandboarding!

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  • Dave

    I take it you didn’t develop a taste for sand sandwiches. 🙂
    Awesome camera work Jordon.

  • Carl

    Very cool video, keep it coming. How do you guys manage the working days and these adventures around NZ? I imagine that many of them would not fit in a weekend.

    • Hi Carl
      We try to maximize our holidays around long weekends. An upcoming example is we’re heading to Tasmania over Easter so are taking 4 days holidays but will get to spend 10 days in Tasmania! By doing that last year we had 4 week long (or more trips) and 2 extra long weekend holidays – turning our 20 days into nearly 50 days on holiday in return!

  • Robin

    I absolutely love your website!! It makes me so excited to be moving back to Christchurch. We are from Alaska and have been back in the states now for 4 years. We were living in Chch during all the earthquakes when we decided to move back. The time is right an we are moving back to get our citizenship. Watching your youtube clips and reading your articles are quite inspiring. I had no idea all these fun activities existed. So thanks for sharing. I hope do to some of them when we get back.: )

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