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Episode 47 – Mount Tarawera

Mount Tarawera in Rotorua is best known for its 1886 eruption killing 120 people. Today a colourful crater remains that you can hike including a 400m long scree run. This is one of Rotorua’s best kept secrets!

Check out our photos and blog from Mount Tarawera


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  • Jim

    I thought Tarawera was closed off for hikers. Did you manage to get access without having to pay for a tour. Very keen to hike to the top; I’m not keen to have to pay for a four wheel tour in order to do so!

    • Hi Jim – we went with Kaitiaki Adventures to access the mountain. It’s too bad the access has been restricted due to vandalism in the area, but hopefully in the future the access will be re-opened to the general public.

  • Sand

    Due to vandalism??? Mt. Tarawera is PRIVATE PROPERTY, given back to Ngati Rangitahi as part of the Deed of Settlement of the Treaty of Waitangi and there is a company that has a contract to manage access. It is also a tapu (sacred) place with cultural significance and value to Ngati Rangitahi.

    • Hi Sand
      Yes, I understand it is a very sacred place. We were told the area was restricted to only be accessed through Kaitiaki due to vandalism that had occured in the area. We just went on the tour and are going off information we were given.

      • Jim

        It’s a shame that access is managed in this way. Mr Tarawera is beautiful. I would love to walk there but wouldn’t pay a tour company to get access by vehicle.

    • Doug

      the old tracks are still there though over grown it was closed off in 2000, the old track starts at hotwater beach goes up the ridge and along the Western side of the large crater and along the Western side of the craters down between the two summits to the outlet. the Tarawera great walk was to go to the outlet but at present the Iwi do not want it to cross their lands around Tarawera being concerned with the rubbish being left behind (something i agree with) i haven’t been up there since 1998 when it was still open.

  • Barry

    Great to see this wonderful mountain again. It is home as I grew up in the shadows of Mt Tarawera, ( at Rerewhakaaitu) which you have to come through to go up. I used to go up when it was free, would pick up other walkers going up or coming down. Always respected the mountain and it’s beauty and not for the glory of profit. One day it will remind those who think they are in charge of this beautiful site who indeed in control

  • Annie

    Strange how people will pay heaps to visit a pile of rocks at Stonehenge or to see Ayers Rock in the Australian desert yet a beautiful mountain with proper guides to show you the safe way around it is TOO expensive!?! Wtf

    • Jim

      I have no idea why you would compare Stonehenge to what is, effectively, just a mountain. Part of the joys of being outdoors is the freedom to explore these areas by yourself.

      My opinion is that closing Mt Tarwera due to cultural issues and charging the public large sums to visit is a cynical attempt to make money.

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