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What I’ll miss most about New Zealand

It’s hard to believe it was 2.5 years ago we were stepping off the plane in Auckland, having just packed up our lives in Canada, about to embark on our adventure ‘Living a Kiwi Life’. As I sit here writing this blog, I am torn between the excitement of returning to Canada and the heart-break of leaving this beautiful country we have called home the last few years.

New Zealand has changed us. It changed us in many ways and I will forever be grateful for its stunning beauty, its adventurous culture and open-minded people who welcomed us into this country with open arms.

Packing up our lives and moving to the other side of the world was the toughest but best decision we ever made. It brought us closer as a couple, it opened our eyes to the world and another culture and made us fall in love with the outdoors in ways I don’t think we could have if we had stayed.

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We leave here as different people. People who have a better appreciation for nature, who take advantage of the moment and love exploring our own backyard. We’ve had to learn how to live without the comfort of family and how to build our own traditions as a couple.

New Zealand pushed us past our comfort zone. I would have never imagined being able to hike for 12hrs a day for multiple days on end….and enjoying every minute of it! We’ve used New Zealand as our training ground for tramping, rock climbing and mountaineering and can’t wait to test those skills in the Rocky Mountains of Canada.

While this may be so-long for now, I know we will be back to visit and potentially live here again. There are so many things I will miss dearly about this country and as we embark on our journey back to Canada I began reflecting on the things I’ll miss most (and least) about life in New Zealand.


What I’ll miss most

1. Accessible Diverse Landscapes 

Without a doubt what I’ll miss most about New Zealand is the beautiful, diverse landscapes that are just a car ride away. Within a few hours drive from our home in Wellington we could be on a snow-capped mountain, soaking in a hot pool or surfing a world-class break. This tiny little country is jam-packed with so much variety that I truly feel you could live here your whole life and still not have enough time to experience everything it has to offer. Even the South Island was either a short ferry ride or flight away and opened up even more grand landscapes with the Southern Alps, the West Coast glaciers and of course Milford Sound.

Landscapes - Copy

Being able to have our pick of so many different activities and landscapes to explore every weekend was something we tried hard to take advantage of while we were here. I’m excited to keep that passion alive to explore Canada and be able to see our own country through a new lens and appreciate what we have always had in our own backyard.


2. Adventure Culture

Appreciation for the outdoors and adventure is ingrained in the culture here. I love how much of a focus is placed on getting out there and enjoying nature, and the programs throughout the schools to ensure the next generation has the same appreciation and outdoor smarts as the last.

When we joined the New Zealand Alpine Club we had the opportunity to meet so many like-minded people who were just as keen to explore and learn new outdoor skills, many of whom have become some of our closest friends. Having a close network of friends with similar interests gives you enough peer pressure to ensure you don’t fall into the routine of life that so many people fall victim to. We’re going to miss our network of NZ adventure friends.
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3. The Kiwi Cuisine

I’ve shared before a blog about my favorite New Zealand foods and while I’ve become slightly sick of the stereotypical ‘fush-n-chups’ and ‘pies’ New Zealand is famous for, it is the chocolate, feijoas and real fruit ice-cream I’ll miss the most!

Seriously – Whitaker’s chocolate is the best chocolate on earth. I honestly don’t know how I ate some of that garbage chocolate back home, but I know I’ll be stashing as many chocolate mint and hokey pokey bars I can in my suitcase home! And feijoa’s! The delicious, almost perfumery flavored fruit that most people either love or hate I will miss! Especially since the last 2 years we’ve been able to pick as much as we could carry at the end of the season at Jordan’s workmates orchard. We had so much in our freezer we had enough for smoothies and feijoa crisp to last a year! I hope we can plant some in our garden in Canada some day.

Lastly, the real fruit ice-cream. I will miss seeing the signs along the road, taunting me to stop and enjoy a cone of boysenberry or mixed berry ice-cream on a hot summer day. This may be more common than I realize, and I hope that’s true, but it was in New Zealand I discovered and fell in love with that delicious ice-cream!



4. The People

As it was when we left Canada, leaving the people is the hardest. We’ve made some great friendships here and ones I know will continue despite the distance between us. Living this far from your family, these friends become like a family. We’ve been lucky to meet people from all over the world and I know we’ll continue to keep those connections in tact and will see those folks again either in New Zealand or another adventure in the future!

friends - Copy


5. The Little Stuff

There are lots of little things I’m going to miss. Like having the taxes included in prices, not being obligated to tip, being able to book our movie seats in advance and having 365 days of scooter weather! And I may be a little bias but I’m going to miss my BNZ banking. Seriously it is the most innovative internet banking in the world and I just hope RBC in Canada takes notices of what little ol’BNZ is doing down here and hurry up and make their internet banking look like it’s 2016!


While there are many things about New Zealand I will miss dearly, I’d be lying if I said there weren’t things I couldn’t wait to leave behind. Freezing cold houses in winter, high gas and retail prices, lack of proper seasons and being so far away from family to name just a few. No place is perfect, and while many of these are trivial things compared to the incredible experience we’ve had I couldn’t help but call out a few!

So farewell for now sweet New Zealand – stay awesome and I look forward to seeing you again soon!



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  • Wayne and Kathy Cock

    Dear Jenna and Jordan,
    First, we thank you for sharing your adventures with us via Stoked For Saturdays. Reading your blogs and watching the videos you’ve made allowed us to feel closer to you both and learn a lot about New Zealand. The greatest treat was spending the month with you both, traveling the North and South Islands, and sharing first hand in some of your New Zealand adventures.
    Secondly, we are both so very proud of how you both have embraced your New Zealand homeland. You certainly made the most of your 2.5 years.
    Lastly, we are so happy that we will see you both here in Nova Scotia soon. We have missed you both so much and look forward to having you close to us. I have a few adventures to suggest and would dearly love to share these experiences with you.?
    See you at the airport!

  • Kathy

    Hey Jenna and Jordan,
    Wonderful farewell blog. We, as family, are ecstatic that you are returning to Canada, and we understand the positive impact New Zealand has had on your lives these past 21/2 years. You have lived the New Zealand life so much, and have experienced so many new adventures that you cannot help but be changed in some ways. Loved your sharing of these on Stoked for Saturdays and we can only hope that these adventures will continue here in Canada for all to see and hear about this great country. See you soon. Love, Mom

  • Bavvh

    I started following you guys early on. I’ve loved all of your videos, and you two were the inspiration for us to start working towards moving there in a few years. Thank you for sharing your adventures.

  • Alex

    Beautiful text, it’s really a love letter to New Zealand. You mentioned that you would live in NZ again in the future, would you have to apply for visas again? I am considering going to spend 1 year or so using the working holiday visa but I wonder if I should do the immigration process in case I decide to stay for many years, or return home and go live in NZ again in the future. Have you thought about this possibility when you moved? Do you think it is a valid plan?

    Thank you.

    • Hi Alex
      Yes we would need to apply for Visas again as we didn’t go the residency path. At the time, spending several thousand dollars for the long residency program didn’t make sense to us, but looking back now if we knew we were going to have stayed for 2.5 years we would have done it. Hard to justify the costs and time if you’re only going short term though because if you only leave after a year that is all wasted really.
      Touch call!

  • Matt

    I would be interested to read your thoughts after a few months since leaving NZ. We’re planning to spend some time there as well, maybe a year or two, and I was wondering the feelings we might have once we get back.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Matt

      I’d say right now its too early to have much of an opinion yet. We’ve been home for nearly 3 months but its been a whirl wind of getting settled and other trips I’ve barely been home much at all!

      Obviously I miss New Zealand for many reasons, but I am really enjoying home as well. I don’t think any place is perfect and living anywhere has benefits and sacrifices needed.

      We’ll see in a new more months if we have any further reflections to share 🙂


  • Tariq

    We are moving to New Zealand permanently, I am Australian and my wife is American. What were the reasons that you guys decided to change your minds and move back to Canada?

  • Cheryl

    Hi Jenna, we are Canadians originally from BC, currently living in the burbs of North Toronto. My husband has 3 job offers in NZ presently and we are planning to move for 1 -3 years and potentially permanently. I am interested in the discussion above about Visas and would love to pick your brain about the areas we are looking at. Would you be willing to connect via email or Facebook?

    • Hi Cheryl
      Sure feel free to send over a few questions through email if you’d like and we can provide some of our personal experience with different areas.

    • Tariq

      Hi Cheryl.

      We have just also moved to New Zealand. I am working on getting a visa for my wife. If you also need any help with visas or housing please ask.

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