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Episode 56 – Roys Peak

Wanaka has no shortage of awesomeness and Rob Roy Glacier & Roy’s Peak are definitely high on the list. Both hikes are relatively easy and very accessible. With New Zealand and Wanaka’s booming popularity you will find a lot of people fighting for parking at Roy’s Peak though. Try and do it in off-hours. Rob Roy Glacier is in Mt Aspiring National Park and is a bit of a drive. Make sure to pack a lunch so you can wait for chunks of glacier to brake off and come tumbling down the cliff.


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  • These pictures are surreal! I wouldn’t know how to react with such a sheer expanse in front of me!

  • Andrew W

    i’m a kiwi impressed with your adventures. i grew up in wgtn and moved to chch for the outdoors in 2010 with wife.
    We have done alot in seven years here and gradually moved from just tramping on tracks to majority off track, and skiing to canyoning, glacier travel, sailing, windsurfing, surfing. However this year in june just got a new born girl – depressing in terms of outdoors -problem being i only like ‘adventures’ – not just nice views and busy safe paths. So quite interested in your canoe camping. how do you manage mosquitos and sandflies with an infant?

    • Hi Andrew,
      We were lucky the bugs weren’t bad where we were, so we didn’t have to worry too much. There are some great pop-up tent shelters like KidCo available that offer a mini tent for infants to play in and stay out of the bugs – we used that a lot this summer in general!
      Hope that helped!

  • I wish I could travel the world like you. Looking forward to reading more of your adventures

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