A few months ago we decided to organize a BBQ with our friends for August, anticipating it may be a good opportunity to see everyone before we leave (assuming everything worked out with our plans)

We initially titled it ‘Awesome August Extravaganza’ and invited many of our friends and family in the area. Not being able to tell anyone at this point, we felt this was a good way to secure people’s calendars in advance without having to spill the beans. With the house ending up with a closing on Aug 20th, we were actually lucky we had picked Aug 17th as if it had been any later and we would have been hosting it from our car!

Luckily it was a beautiful sunny day and had a great turn out with over 30 of our closest family, friends and co-workers showing up for our send off. Despite not having a deck, we decided to move the party to the backyard, resulting in a completely non-children friendly means of entering the back yard – via latter!

Note the latter leading up to the patio doors (far left)

The afternoon and evening was spent catching up with everyone and sharing our plans for the big adventure – it was the perfect way to end a very busy and stressful week.

Backyard party crew