The last 24hrs have been hectic to say the least. After spending each night for the past week and a half packing and moving boxes, exhaustion can’t even begin to describe what we’re feeling right now.

Last night was the final stages of closing the house, packing up the last odds and ends and doing a final clean for the new owner. Yet again I am amazed at how much ‘stuff’ we have as we faced more challenges trying to fit everything into our 2 cars.

Hockey bags of sporting equipment, suitcases full of clothes and a slew of cleaning supplies and fridge contents quickly filled up my Nissan Rogue resulting in us coming to the realization we just we weren’t going to be able to do this in one load. Jumping into the car to take the first load to Waterloo, Jordan stayed behind to continue packing and cleaning up.

Considering the house closed sooner than we expected, we were technically homeless 2 weeks earlier than our planned departure. Luckily my ‘aunt’ Sandi offered to take us in a few weeks ago while visiting.

When I first moved to Waterloo for a co-op term the summer 2006, I lived with Sandi and Ken for the summer and they quickly became my second set of parents. It felt a bit surreal coming back to their Waterloo home – I lived here coming to Waterloo, it just seemed right to live here on my way out of Waterloo.

Just after midnight, once the cars were loaded for the last time (and our several bags of garbage stashed in various neighbors’ bins – thank god it was garbage day tomorrow!) we put the final finishes touches on the house and took one last look at our first home together.

“Chaos breeds opportunity” – J.Poste

Pretty much how I feel