Our weekend in Auckland was mostly filled with running errands to get some initial logistics in order upon our arrival, but luckily we were able to take in a bit of the beautiful harbour city.

Auckland felt very much like a typical European city, filled with pubs and cafes with a large cultural diversity. We managed to take in a variety of cuisines including Mexican, Japanese, Maori, Indian, and even a traditional English roast with a friend Kristin from home and her flatmates.

Enjoying a traditional English Roast Delicious Indian Butter Chicken in our room 

The Auckland Sky Tower is the centrepiece of the skyline which has a striking resemblance to the CN Tower in Toronto. It offers Skywalks and gorgeous views, but also allows people to jump off the tower at 630ft with their SkyJump facility. Something Jordan and I plan to do again when the sky is a bit clearer!

Overall, here are a few positive and negative initial impressions we have so far of New Zealand:


– Mobile Phone plans are cheap (same plan in Canada for $80+/month we got for $29/month)

– Car Insurance is cheap (1 year coverage for Jordan and I together $200 total!!)

– Very efficient pedestrian crosswalks (all directions go at once (even diagonal) and the signal sounds like a phaser in Star Trek)


– Transit system is not intuitive (bus fares and zones not advertised, need to flag the driver)

– Clothing is very expensive (but sales can be really good when they’re offered)

– Food/Beer can be pricey

PS. Jordan discovered that left over Butter Chicken sauces makes for an AMAZING spread on toast!