The route from Taumarunui to Wellington was picturesque in many ways. The beautiful snow-capped mountains were clearly visible on the blue sky day as we drove south on our way to Wellington.

Mount Doom in the distance 

The baby lambs are everywhere this time of year, as Spring has just begun. I can’t get enough of the cute little lambs frolicking in the fields, chasing each other around while always staying just a few steps away from Mum. Unfortunately they seem to be very scared of people, so every time we’d pull over to take a photo, the mamma and babies would take off running, ruining our chance for a great close up photo. Even the cows were a bit timid as we witnessed one literally run down the steep, rocky hill away from us.

Baby lambs with mama sheep 

As we drove into the city of Wellington, we were amazed by the beautiful harbour city built into the mountains. I had always heard Wellington was ‘Halifax on steroids’ and I can now see the connection. The streets are narrow, steep and loop back and forth as you go up and down the mountains, zigzagging around cars that are parked all along the street.

My cousin Antony connected me with Wendy who is a fellow West Pictou alumni and Pictou County native. Wendy and her husband Simon moved here in April for the year and have a beautiful home overlooking the Wellington harbour with a view that will take your breath away!

Beautiful Wellington harbour 

They welcomed us into their home and offered us a place to stay while we coordinated some house viewings and job interviews in Wellington. We had a great couple days, enjoying some beautiful meals by Wendy, swapping travel stories and initial impressions of New Zealand. Wendy’s mom and my mom know each other from home, but we were amazed how our paths had never crossed before. I have a feeling New Zealand is a lot like Nova Scotia – it’s a very small world out there!

Enjoying a lovely meal with Simon & Wendy overlooking the Wellington harbour 

Although our initial visit to Wellington was short, as we’re taking off for the South Island for 3 weeks tomorrow, I can tell we’re going to love it here and having some great friends like Wendy and Simon here already will make it all the more special.