When looking back at our first 6 weeks exploring New Zealand, I wanted to reflect on some of the highlights and favorite parts of our trip (NOTE: These were done independently, but surprisingly we came out with quite similar answers!)

Favorite Tramps:


1. Hiking the mountain ridge along the Kepler Track

2. Tramping through the snow at the Milford Track summit

3. Exploring the Gold Mining tunnels of Karangahake Gorge


1. Playing in the snow at McKinnon Pass on the Milford Track

2. Hiking the mountain ridge along the Kepler Track

3. Ruakuri Scenic Walk in Waitmo

Favorite Activities:


1. Bungy Jumping

2. Hang Gliding

3. Black Water Caving


1. Bungy Jumping

2. Rotorua Luge

3. Hot Water Beach

Favorite Scenic Drive:


1. Coastal drive near Kaikoura

2. Waterfall mountains of Milford Sound

3. Twisty roads through the rainforest mountains towards Hot Water Beach


1. Waterfall mountains of Milford Sound

2. Bush mountains between Taupo and Taurmarunui

3. Coastal drive near Kaikoura

Favorite Food:


1. Green shell NZ mussels

2. Queenstown famous Ferg Burger

3. Maori steak bread


1. Queenstown famous Ferg Burger

2. Maori mussel fritter on a fry bread

3. Green shell NZ mussels

Favorite Campsites/Hostels:


1. Moke Lake (Queenstown)

2. Gillespies Beach (Fox Glacier)

3. Tasman Bay Backpackers (because of the fudge cake & icecream, free wifi, and free breakfast)


1. Moke Lake (Queenstown)

2. Okareka Lake (Rotorua)

3. Tasman Bay Backpackers (because of the vibe)

Collage of our favorite experiences in our 6 week adventure 


Top things still on our ‘To-Do’ List


1. Heli-Rafting

2. Zorbing

3. Kayak Doubtful Sound


1. More Tramps (Tongariro, Copland)

2. Mountaineering (with crampons, ice axes & ropes)

3. Zorbing