Well my first week at work couldn’t have gone better!

I was given a very warm welcome my first day by my manager and teammates – everyone was excited to hear I was joining the Mobile team and were very helpful in sharing information and helping me get setup. In record time, I had my laptop up and running with email, desk phone and work mobile (a brand new iPhone 5 – sorry BlackBerry!) all setup by lunch time! I was also the ‘guinea pig’ for the new induction process which provided a detailed 35 page handbook outlining the culture, administration setup (email, phone, VPN, etc), key contact numbers, bios on the Digitial Team leaders, and a dictionary of common acronyms. It was a great resource for someone new as I could turn to that first when I had a question. My first day ended with a delicious team meal at a lovely local curry restaurant which was a great way to get to know the leadership team in a more informal setting.

The rest of the week I spent familiarizing myself with the team and processes, setting up one-on-ones with a number of key co-workers to help get me started. The culture feels very similar to BlackBerry so it was easy to slip into (however everyone REALLY loves their coffee here -‘going for coffee’ is quite common – I’ve already started drinking Chai Latte’s, despite never really being a coffee drinker before). The Digital team feels very similar to the Accessories group – a unique part of the business that gets to do some of the ‘cool’ stuff and works a little bit different than the rest of the organization (in a good way).

Overall it was a great week! I felt very welcomed by the team and am very excited for the projects coming up! Friday was topped off with a beer at the pub with a few close co-workers who gave a ‘cheers’ to me for my first week! I look forward to many more!

Ready for my first day of work! (feels like first day of school :P)