Queenstown is the adventure capital of the world and most famous for its bungy jumping adventures. AJ Hackett was the first to commercialize bungy jumping back in 1988 and has since made a business out of helping people leap off structures all over the world.

With a few options to choose from including – The Ledge – where you can jump off in any form (flip, dive, etc) – Nevis – the highest bungy jump at a whopping 134 meters and – The Kawarua Bridge – the original bungy jump location and where you can get DUNKED in the water below.

After driving by the Kawarua Bridge on our way into Queenstown yesterday, we knew Kawarua was the one (and Jordan REALLY wanted to get dunked)

Kawarau Bridge Bungy Jump 

Wanting to capture the event, we strapped a GoPro on our chests and had the camera down on the observation deck ready to capture the entire jump. Since it goes by weight, I was up first. I’ve always been someone who has loved adventure sports, but for some reason, ever since I was a kid – bungy jumping has ALWAYS scared the crap out of me. Skydiving – no problem – but the fact that my feet are tied together with the ground just below has always made me a bit queasy thinking about.

Determined to cross this off my bucket list, I mustered up the courage and shuffled my way onto the deck. Surprisingly the mechanics to strap you in are pretty basic. A standard bath towel (to protect your legs from the ropes), a few straps around your legs and a couple carabiners hooked into the bungy cord and you’re ready to go.

On the ledge ready to jump! 

A smile to the camera, a quick look down and then a LEAP into the air towards the waters below!! WOW!! What an adrenaline rush!! It felt a bit like freefalling but making that leap off the platform was a huge rush! Despite hoping to touch the water, I just missed it by a few inches!!

Crowd view of my jump 

The scenery too was spectacular – the old style suspension bridge over the gorge with beautiful glacier water below – it was SO worth it!!

At the bottom, a yellow dingy was there to help you to shore and bring you right side up again. It was amazing how quickly your face went beet red from being hung upside down!

Red faced smiling for the camera 

Next up was Jordan. After a successful GoPro switch he was a top the platform with clear instructions he wanted to get DUNKED! Focused on getting the right posture, he made a calculated dive below that followed a massive SPLASH as he dove into the water almost to his knees! A huge cheer came from the crowd erupted – I could tell Jordan was stoked!

Off the ledge 
Jordan stoked with the dunk he just had 

Despite having our own GoPro footage, we both caved and purchased the photos and video as they were just too good to pass up! Jordan spliced the videos together to make this wicked complication!


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