Saturday night we had dinner plans with Josh and Eliza in Eastbourne (a suburb in Wellington). During a trip to Peru in 2007, Jordan had met Josh (he was his guide from Active South America) who he climbed Machu Picchu with in the early morning with head lamps in order to beat the crowds. Jordan thought he was a pretty cool guy so he added him to Facebook, never knowing whether they’d ever meet up again. 6 years later Jordan happened to check Facebook and see that Josh was also in living in Wellington!

Jordan is 4th from the left in the back row – Josh is beside him with the hat on. Circa Peru 2007

We had a delicious dinner (and dessert!) with Josh and Eliza at their lovely home, sharing travel stories and catching up. They both have lived abroad for many years and have travelled all over the world together. They share a love for hiking and biking so we plan to meet up with them for some outdoor activity very soon. It’s interesting how connections you make in the past can revive in the funniest way in the future!