Well the day is finally here! After almost 2 months of living out of a suitcase, I am very excited to finally move into our place and get settled in. As we mentioned in our previous blog, we moved into a cute 2 bedroom apartment on the top floor of a 3 story building situated right along the beach in Lyall Bay. A short ~15min drive to downtown Wellington, Lyall Bay offers a beautiful beach (famous for its surfing) and all the amenities you could ask for – cafes, grocery stores, department stores, etc all within walking distance.

View of the beach from our bedroom 

In New Zealand the people are pretty chill, so when we were doing our ‘inspection’ a couple days ago with the landlord, we were actually there with the current tenant (and all his things) as she wanted to ‘kill 2 birds with 1 stone’ – complete his outgoing inspection to get his bond back, and our incoming inspection. So when she said ‘Ok so take a walk around, if you see anything major let me know’ it was very awkward as we eyed up every crack and dent while the current tenant looked on. Luckily because they are so chill here, we didn’t need to highlight every spec, but still was an odd situation.

Since November 1st fell on a Friday, I unfortunately was at work all day while Jordan packed up the Ractis and transported most of our stuff. Anxious to get into our place, 5pm couldn’t have come soon enough so I jumped on the bus to Wendy’s (where we had been staying) to help Jordan with the last load. Luckily since we still hadn’t purchased much (and came here with very little), so it only took 2 car loads to get all our stuff there.

Putting the final touches on the kitchen 
Jordan tackling the bathroom 

The first couple hours were spent doing a solid cleaning job before we started unpacking our stuff. The previous tenant was really great and left it in good condition – just always feels better when you clean it yourself J The rest of the weekend was spent at The Warehouse (New Zealand’s equivalent to a Wal-Mart) buying up some of the necessities and scoping our TradeMe (New Zealand’s Kijiji) for some of the bigger items for the living room. By the end of the weekend our place was starting to come together and began to feel like home. NOTE: We’ll post more pictures once we have more furniture hehe

Once things were settled inside, we decided to explore the neighbourhood some more with a walk along the beach. Lots of people were out enjoying the beach with their kids and dogs and a number of surfers were out trying to catch a wave.

Our beach in Lyall Bay 
Enjoying the beach 

After our walk we decided to try the famous Maranui café situation right outside our door and built directly ON the sand!

Beachside Maranui Cafe 

We had heard the milkshakes were to die for so we ventured inside to try it for ourselves. I have say we were NOT disappointed. I of course picked chocolate and Jordan tried a delicious peanut butter (which tasted a bit like Reese pieces).

Enjoying a delicious chocolate shake 

The café was decorated in a funky nautical theme with painted oars and fish dawning the walls. The kitchen even had a piece of a ship hanging above it which was pretty cool! I can see why this place always has a line-up out the door and why it gets such rave reviews. I look forward to coming back to try more of the menu!

Note the piece of the boat above the kitchen!