One thing that’s been on my list since before we even arrived in New Zealand was a SCOOTER! Having had a motorcycle back in Canada for a couple years I was itching to get something on 2 wheels again to zip around the city.

A couple years ago I had made the tough decision to sell my beautiful Ninja 250 (aka Black Betty) after I spent 2 summers barely riding it. The MBA had been consuming nearly all my spare time, and after 2 failed attempts of some thieves trying to steal it from the parking lot, I felt it was best to sell it for now.
Reminiscing about my days with Black Betty 

Now that we are in New Zealand, where scooters and motorcycles are a popular form of transportation, we were back in Wellington only 2 days and I was already checking out scooters at the dealership. Considering the cost of 1 roundtrip bus fare was more than a week’s worth of gas for a scooter (and it’s free parking for motorcycles and scooters all over the city), it was easy for me to justify getting one 🙂

Now it was the debate whether to buy new or used. Despite almost being talked into buying a motorcycle or at least a 250cc scooter so I could take it on the beautiful twisty roads of New Zealand, I opted to shop for a small 50cc as it was extremely cheap to register and that meant Jordan could use it to! (50cc’s require only a car license)

After much debate between new and used, as soon as I saw this cute white scooter come up on TradeMe, I had to go see it. So we drove to Island Bay for a test drive, and within a few seconds of riding it, I was hooked! I tried to hide my excitement with my best poker face as I told the girl I would think about it, but within 20mins I called her back and said “I’ll take it!”

Since she was leaving the country in a couple weeks, we did some negotiation and came to the agreement I would wait to come pick it up until just before she left. Friday at 11:45am couldn’t have come soon enough! I was giddy as she handed me over the keys and I was off on my scooter for my first real ride. Despite it not having quite the power of my Ninja, for $950, it’s a really fun ride for just cruising around the city. I spent the rest of the weekend finding every excuse to take it for a ride!

My new scooter! aka White Lightning!