With the days getting longer and temperatures rising to mid-20’s it’s hard to believe Christmas is right around the corner. I have always associated Christmas with snow, so the lack of it here has made getting into the Christmas spirit a little harder this year…..But that isn’t going to stop me from going all out like I usually do as Christmas is my favorite time of year!!

Over the last few weeks Christmas decorations have been popping up all over the city. While I was in Auckland this week there was a HUGE Santa and Reindeer downtown on Queen street.
Huge Santa and Reindeer downtown Auckland 

The Christmas markets opened this weekend in Wellington so I went downtown in search of some kiwi inspired gifts to send home and to decorate our place. I stumbled upon a booth with a young girl selling these cute handmade Santa kiwi’s as a fundraiser for her school trip to Indonesia. I immediately purchased one for myself but quickly turned back to pick up a few more as gifts (shhhhh)

My lil Christmas Kiwi 

After leaving the market I was inspired to go pick-up a Christmas tree and decorations. With the Christmas tunes blasting (A Very Special Christmas Vol 1 circa 1987 of course!), Jordan and I spent the evening putting up the tree (it felt weird putting it up with the sun still up)

With the tree lights glowing, it’s finally starting to feel like Christmas is on the way! Despite missing the snow and familiar Christmas traditions, I’m looking forward to experiencing our first Kiwi Christmas on the beach!

Our Kiwi Christmas Tree (purple theme)