Ever since we saw the Devin Supertramp (Jordan’s YouTube hero) trike drifting video we’ve been looking for an opportunity to try these cool trike’s out. Luckily Jordan stumbled across a company, Blokart Heaven, that offers trike drifting AND blokart rentals! Two AWESOME New Zealand inventions!

Trike Drifting & Blokart tracks 

Trike drifting is basically an oversized adult motorized tricycle with slick back wheels that allow you to drift around sharp corners as you speed around the track. We eagerly jumped on the bikes and sped off on the track, racing each other around the corner, working hard not to spin out! (we’re saving our video for the video episode but this gives you an idea)

It was amazing how quickly we picked up the right manoeuvring to allow us to drift into the sharp corners at a pretty good clip! Luckily there were no crashes during the 3 rounds 😛

Drifting around a corner, chasing after Jordan 

Blokarting is essentially a compact ‘land yacht’ combining go-karting with sailing, allowing you to cruise around the track with the sail on a wheeled kart. After watching the quick safety video that pretty much just said ‘let go of the rope’ if you’re going too fast, feeling out-of-control, or about to tip over, we were ready to go!

Jordan racing around the track in the Blokart 

Luckily the wind picked up just as we headed out onto the track and within a few minutes we were speeding around the course, adjusting the sail as we felt the wind. Jordan managed to ride nearly every turn on only 2 wheels and only bailed out on 2 occasions.

This is something I could definitely see myself with cruising down the beaches in Nova Scotia!

P.S. Brent & Kristina you’re gonna love this when you come to NZ!


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