Well this week I got to try out the New Zealand healthcare system for the first time. I don’t know what I had, but it was the most sick I have ever been in my life. Initially I thought it could have been food poisoning (from a new café I ate at on Monday), or Giardia (from drinking the water on our tramps), but it turns out it must have just been some kind of super flu that knocked me out for about 4 days.

Here’s my review of the experience:

– Called a local clinic and got an appointment same day within 2 hrs (if my Visa was 2 years I could register for it to be my GP on the spot)

– Doctor saw me within 5 mins of my scheduled appointment

– Doctor was friendly and printed out a prescription (as opposed to illegible Dr. writing)

– The cocktail of medications actually worked (I was definitely prescribed more than I needed including an absorborant amount of codeine haha)

– I did have to pay to see the doctor, my prescriptions and lab tests up front ($200 total) but it didn’t seem too steep for the amount of meds I got

– Process to get reimbursed from my work medical benefits was very easy – take a photo of the receipts, upload online and submit – got a text the next day to confirm my claim was being processed and expect to get my money within 5 days (as opposed to 4-6 weeks in Canada after snail mailing them in)

– Received a text message from the doctor with my test results (at 7pm on a Friday!)

Overall, my experience with the healthcare system was pretty positive and it seems NZ makes use of technology a bit more than its Canadian counterparts!