After a few months of travelling around New Zealand, I have come to rely on a number of apps on my smartphone to help guide us to a campsite, find a new adventure or get a great deal. Here are my Top 5 New Zealand travel apps I can’t live without:

1. Campermate – This is a MUST HAVE app that provides heaps of information on campsites, wifi locations, public toilets, i-site locations, attractions and so much more! It displays in an easy to use interactive map (that you can also access without service/wifi) and best of all its FREE! It allows users to submit details on a location or campsite so it is constantly being updated with new information! I’ve already added a few tips and have used this on every trip so far – especially when we’re cruising for a freedom campsite!
2. 100% Pure New Zealand – Tourism New Zealand does a great job with their Essential New Zealand Travel Guide. It provides details on the top attractions, activities, restaurants and much more for every area in the country. The photos are beautiful and the detailed descriptions are very helpful when choosing your adventure. Whether we’re planning a trip or are on the road, we always consult this app to get the best information on what to see and do around New Zealand!
3. MetService – With the extreme landscapes in New Zealand, it is always important to know what the weather forecast is when planning a trip. MetService has the most accurate whether for New Zealand and covers many of the national parks where the weather can change in an instant. This has been very useful when we’ve been tramping to ensure we plan appropriately. I’d like to avoid getting trapped on a mountain in gale force winds if I can!
4. GeoNet – You don’t need an app to tell you there’s an earthquake – you’ll know! – but it’s kind of fun to see what activity is going on around the country. When Jordan first installed the app, he woke up the next day to dozens of notifications. So if you don’t want your phone buzzing every few minutes, you can customize your notifications based on region or magnitude. We were glued to this app after we felt our first earthquake a few weeks ago watching all the aftershocks come through!
5. GrabOne – The best place to grab a great deal on attractions and accommodations around the country is with GrabOne’s daily deals. It pays to watch for deals coming up for the area you’re planning to visit and even catching some last minute specials while on the road! We got a really great deal on a Milford Sound Nature Cruise!