Well after nearly 3 months, (some of) our Christmas parcels from Canada have finally arrived!

During our first Kiwi Christmas we have learned that shipments going TO Canada from New Zealand, even in the busy holiday season, only take 3-4 weeks to arrive, however parcels coming FROM Canada seem to get lost in the black hole of international mail.

Our poor parents asked every week if we had received our presents yet, but with each passing week they grew more and more worried they would never arrive. With Jordan’s parents arriving here last week, it turns out it would have been faster to have brought them in their suitcase!

Lesson learned!

P.S. Sorry mom your parcel hasn’t arrived yet! If it’s anything like the Poste’s, it will arrive early next week – a couple days after you get to New Zealand!

photo-320x240_bb6d7d9f8ed7983fddc200ad3ff03219 photo
Jordan excited for some post-Christmas presents

UPDATE: As predicted, 4 days after my parents arrived, our christmas parcel shows up at our door!