When we were first researching New Zealand, we were surprised when we didn’t recognize ANY department, pharmacy or grocery stores. No Walmarts – No Costcos – No Home Depot. It began a whole new learning experience in trying to figure out where to get the things we need.

Shopping area in Lyall Bay

At first I was a bit disappointed as I was so familiar with our North American brands, but I soon came to appreciate the MADE IN NEW ZEALAND pride that beams from this country. With a population of only 4 million, I am amazed at the variety of stores that are available – and stores that are ONLY in New Zealand – many 100% owned and operated.

So for anyone planning a trip here, these are a few of the names you will see – and the Canadian (and some American) equivalent. The only one we haven’t found a substitute for yet in New Zealand is a large bulk discounter like Costco – man I miss those 2 litre jars of pickles!

Discount Department Stores



Home Improvement

Discount Grocery

Adventure Gear

Book Store

Grocery Store

Sporting Gear


Clothing & Beauty Department Store

Here’s few others to that are KEY if you are planning to move too! (I will pre-warn you, you WILL get addicted to TradeMe)

Online Local Classifieds


Job Search Site

Local Weather

*All logos were taken from Google Image searches*