Ever since I saw the YouTube video of a group of guys flying like superheros with water jetpacks on their feet I knew wanted to try this new sport – Flyboarding!!

Propelled by a jetpack attached to a Jetski, the nozzles underneath the special boots provide the thrust to allow the rider to fly up to 15ft in the air!

Flying high and loving it!!

While surfing Facebook a couple weeks ago, I stumbled upon some photos of a new business – Flyboard Queenstown – offering commercial Flyboard lessons down on Lake Wakatipu. I immediately told Jordan and put it on our MUST-DO list for our next visit.

After our tour of Milford Sound we headed towards Queenstown to squeeze in an evening session and with a quick lesson on the balancing board we jumped in our wetsuits and headed for the water.

Practising my technique on the balancing board

Within a few minutes, I was hovering above the water about 10ft feeling like Superwomen!!! Just a slight tilt of your toes would send you into a dive into the water like a dolphin!

Flyboarding like a Superhero!
Going in for a dive!

Once I got the hang of the balance I tried a couple dolphin dives, hovering high above the water before diving down, repeating that about 6 times in a row! (Quality isn’t great but it’s all I have!)

Jordan was a natural on the Flyboard, immediately getting up quite high and making a perfect dive into the water below (unfortunately the sun went behind the mountains so he’s in the shade)

Jordan rockin the Flyboard
Jordan leading into a dive

He was brave enough to even attempt a backflip which he mastered right away! The crowd cheered along the shore as he gave them quite the show!

With the daylight running out we decided that was enough for today, but definitely plan to go back next month when we’re back with Brent & Kristina! That flying feeling is quite addictive and I can’t wait to see what they can teach us next!

Can you tell Jordan loved it? Already thinking about what to try next time!

Check out Episode 35 – Flyboard Queenstown!