Queenstown is known as the adventure capital of the world and I was amazed at how our parents truly embraced that ‘adrenaline junkie’ attitude!

My dad was the first to venture into the extreme sports in Queenstown with the Flyboarding session we had. He was the first to jump in the water and was quite comfortable hovering in the air and superman diving into the water!

Dad living his Iron Man dream

Dad has done his fair share of extreme activities in his life (that’s where I get it) but this was a completely new experience for him so he was pretty stoked to try something so different!

Dad superman diving on the Flyboard

After seeing the video from our hang gliding adventure back in October, Jeanette was keen to try hang gliding – despite her fear of heights. The thought of flying like a bird drew her into the idea and before we knew it Jeanette, Russell and my dad were booked to jump off the mountain at Coronet Peak with Sky Trek Hang gliding.

A beautiful calm day they had perfect conditions, making the leap off the mountain into the valley below a site to remember. It was fun seeing the three of them gliding through the air having the time of their life!

Russell, Dad & Jeanette flying high!
Jeanette enjoying her flight with handsome Andreas

I could hear Jeanette’s squeals as her pilot Andreas sent her for a bit of a ‘roller coaster ride’ as they made their way to the landing. It was all smiles from ear to ear as each one landed and recounted their experience. Jordan pulled together this great video for Jeanette & Russell to remember their big adventure!

Everyone participated in the luge ride at the top of the Skyline Queenstown Gondola, racing down the track. Russell even managed to de-throne Jordan, beating him on his last run despite Jordan’s efforts and ‘nudges’ from behind. Luckily there were no crashes this time.

Russell, Jordan, Jeanette and I racing down the track

I was most proud of my mom as she made the brave decision to try out Parasailing along Lake Wakatipu. This was definitely outside her comfort zone but she was excited to take on the challenge and actually enjoyed soaring over the water – even getting a quick dip of their feet in the water!

View from the luge track of Mom & Dad parasailing
Getting their toes dipped!

Lastly, as we made our way towards the east coast, we drove by the Kawarau Bridge Bungy. Having seen our videos from bungy jumping dad just couldn’t resist the opportunity to try it for himself!

Dad bungy jumping off Kawara Bridge

With a bit of luck he was the 2nd to jump that morning and shuffled onto the platform with ease before taking a controlled dive to the water below getting dunked up to his chest! My mom let our a sigh of relief when he bounced up a few more times before being put in the boat back to shore.

Dad getting dunked!

I definitely think the Queenstown adventure culture rubbed off on our parents as they took advantage of a variety of exciting activities Queenstown has to offer. Pretty lucky to have such cool parents!

Jordan pulled together this compilation video for my parent’s adventures in Queenstown!