Having spent quite a bit of time in Milford Sound already – seeing it in the rain, the sun and along the Milford Track Great Walk – we were looking forward to having a more intimate experience kayaking Milford Sound while Brent and Kristina were visiting. We had an incredible experience kayaking Doubtful Sound with Jordan’s parents so knew this was going to be a great day!

Beautiful Milford Sound

Looking to get as much time on the water as possible, we opted for the Morning Glory expedition with Rosco’s Milford Kayaks. Paddling the full length of Milford Sound, the 14km journey would take us all the way out to the Tasman Sea. Up before dawn, we were picked up Milford Lodge and taken to their base at Deep Water Basin to get suited up.

The weather was PERFECT – just enough rain to get the waterfalls flowing, but a forecast to let up later in the morning. Having seen Milford in every weather condition, we truly enjoy it most when it’s raining as you’re rewarded with dozens of waterfalls flowing down the mountains.

Limited to just a small crew, it was just the four of us, a couple from Chirstchurch and our awesome guide Jimmy! Eager to get on the water we jumped in our kayaks and set off towards the sound.

Jordan excited to get on the water

It was still quite early so we were lucky there were few cruise boats in the harbour, leaving the entire sound as our playground! Making our way past Lady Bowen Falls, just ahead shrouded in the thick fog we could see a glimpse of the magnificent Mitre Peak in the distance.

Mitre Peak in the distance

As we paddled our way up the sound, the rain continued to pour, fuelling the waterfalls from the heavens in all directions. The Four Sisters – only visible in heavy rain – we’re going off, providing a breathtaking scene – couldn’t help but stop and just take in such a beautiful view!

Admiring the Four Sisters waterfalls

Repeatedly uttering “WOW” it was clear Brent and Kristina were in their glory as they paddled the fiord completely mesmerised by Milford Sound’s beauty. It was quickly becoming the highlight of their trip!

Kristina & Brent loving life!

Paddling our way along the cliffs, we noticed a baby fur seal swimming beside us, taking a few short breaks to scratch himself along the rocks. Despite being within a feet of him, he seemed indifferent to our presence and just went along his way, thoroughly enjoying his morning swim.

Not far away we came up to the young male colony, catching a few fur seals bathing on the rocks. Striking a pose for us, they seemed to be quite curious and came down to get a closer glimpse of us.

Mr Model and the little guy

With a strong group, we were making great time as we closed in on the entrance to the Tasman Sea. The wind strengthened and the swell grew as our kayaks surfed the waves out to sea.

Brent & Kristina enjoying the beautiful paddle

Nearly 3 hours into our journey we made it to the Tasman! Considering only a third of the groups that attempt this trek actually make it the entire distance, we were happy to complete the task and celebrated as a team!

Heading out to the Tasman Sea

Too choppy to be picked up in the open waters, we paddled back towards a sheltered cove where Rosco himself picked us up in his boat! With the kayaks mounted, we headed back to the harbour, taking in the journey we had just completed from the comfort of the sea shuttle.

Enjoying the comfort of Rosco’s boat

Another incredible day in fiordland! This was definitely my favourite way to see the magnificent Milford Sound!


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