I don’t remember the exact day when I learned about Zorbing, but I know as soon as I did, it was IMMEDIATELY added to my bucket list and has been something I’ve been looking forward to since we arrived in New Zealand!

Zorb Rotorua

Another one of New Zealand’s quirky inventions, Dwayne van der Sluis and Andrew Akers developed the ‘Zorb’ in 1995 in Auckland. Their ‘double ball’ design was unique as it allowed the rider to climb inside the inner ball without the need to inflate each time.

Ready to ROLL!

Initially developed as a means to walk on water, Dwayne and Andrew soon realised it was a lot more fun to strap someone inside of it and let it roll it down a hill – and the ZORBIT ride was born! A fully harnessed single person ride, you roll head over heels down the straight fast track. Despite keeping him dry, Brent found the kart-wheeling motion made his stomach feel a bit uneasy by the end!

Screenshot 2014-04-14 20.29.14_tonemapped (1200x672)
Brent getting strapped into the ZORBIT

The pioneer site for the sport, Zorb Rotorua still operates from it’s Ngongotaha road location, offering a variety of Zorb options – wet, dry, straight and zig-zag!

Zorb Rotorua Track

Wanting to experience the wet version, I opted for the ZYDRO ride filled with toasty warm water to let you slip n’slide inside the 3.2m inflatable ball. Looking for a more intense ride, I chose the 180m zig-zag track that sent me splashing from side to side as I was hurtled down the hill. Can you tell I’m having a blast??

Barrelling down the Zig-zag track
Having a blast in the ZYDRO ride

One of their newer rides – ZURF – challenges you to ride a foam surf board inside the Zorb down the straight 150m fast track. For even an experienced surfer like Jordan it was difficult to stay on top of it with the water sloshing around inside!

Sequence 01.Still001_tonemapped (1200x675)
Jordan tackling the ZURF

Kristina and I wanted to try the ZYDRO Double Trouble ride, so we both jumped inside the water filled Zorb. With a big push at the top we went barrelling down the track, smashing into one another as we laughed/screamed the entire way…oh man if you could only here the audio!

Screenshot 2014-04-14 20.18.32_tonemapped (1200x675)
Kristina & I going for the Double Trouble ZYDRO

The newest and by far the MOST intense was The Drop! Starting off as a leisurely roll, the ride takes a drastic turn as the Zorb hits three deep switch-back corners as it makes a 25m vertical drop through the woods!

The DROP track through the woods

Jordan took on the challenge to remain on his feet but was quickly flipped on his back as the Zorb made its way down the twisty track. You can tell from his laugh he’s having A LOT fun on his first Zorb ride – so much so the camera cuts out from the intensity!

We had a really fun afternoon barrelling down the hill in the giant inflatable balls – so happy to cross #32 off my bucket list!

Loving Zorb Rotorua!!

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Huge thanks to the awesome crew at Zorb Rotorua for hosting us!