It was hard to believe the 1st day of winter was upon us during the Queen’s birthday long weekend as the sun was shining like it was a bright summer’s day! With the harbour as calm as glass, it was the perfect scene to finally try stand-up paddleboarding!

Jordan and I have been wanting to go paddleboarding for years now but plans just never seemed to work out. A couple years ago we bought a Groupon (similar to Grabone) for some lessons, but the company fell through before we could redeem the coupon and we didn’t get our money back. Last spring we tried to go down to Eastboard here in Wellington, but when we showed up the company was under renovations!

We knew today was going to finally be the day as the conditions were perfect. We hired a paddle and board from Ferg’s Kayaks down on the waterfront in Wellington and after a quick lesson were launched into the harbour!

It was surprising how easily we both picked it up. Quite comfortable on surfboards already, we quickly got our balance and were able to easily paddle our way along the waterfront. We went exploring down by Frank Kitts Park into the little inlet along the shore. Since it was a long weekend the harbour was quite busy with sailboats, rowers, kayaks and fellow paddleboarders – some even doing yoga on their board!

With the sun beating down on us the wetsuits were getting quite hot so Jordan took any opportunity to get wet and lunged at me, dunking me into the water. Despite the shock it was quite refreshing and sure enough that sparked a long spash fight that resulted in a few more spills into the water.

You can see it comes unexpectedly as I gingerly paddle along while Jordan is in pursuit until he’s close enough to make a lunge! (Quality isn’t great as the salt water kept caking onto the lens)

Jordan tends to get creative and likes to push the boundaries of anything we do. Of course we had to try straddling each others board in attempts to move as one large ship. He even stepped one foot on the tip of mine, keeping his other foot on his, allowing us to move through the water as one giant long board – he seriously is like a 5 year old sometimes!

As our confidence build we began changing our stance to allow for more aggressive, fast paddling which resulted in us racing down the harbour. I really loved how easy the boards were to maneoever and quickly fell in love with this new sport! I look forward to trying this again in Lyall Bay and maybe even get to catch a wave or two!

It was after our paddle boarding session that we did our interview for The New Zealand Herald along Wellington’s beautiful waterfront. Little did you know we were actually still wearing our wet suits! (hence why we look like we just came out of the harbour :P)

We were pretty excited when we saw the video and article get published on the NZ Herald. Even made the Most Watched list for 3 days! Check it out on here!

photo2 - Copy

Big thanks to Sam and Dan for pulling the video together – we loved it!