If there’s one thing I love most about New Zealand it’s the social side of work that I’ve experienced here. I work with an awesome group of people and they are always looking for an excuse to do something fun together as a team. Whether it’s drinks on Friday, a bake off in the office or a fun team building exercise – they’re always up for anything!

So when one of the guys heard that Zorb Soccer (or Bubble Soccer) had just come to Wellington we just HAD to book it for the team. When I called however to schedule a session, it was booked out nearly 3 months in advance due to a GrabOne (similar to Groupon) deal they had just run. Despite that, we decided it was worth the wait!!

IMG_4012 (670x503)

Team suiting up

On a Friday afternoon our team wandered over to the Wellington Indoor Sports arena on the waterfront. We started out with a little warm up, kicking the soccer ball (or should I say football I guess) around the field. Little did we know that practice would be little use during the actual game once we had the Zorbs on.

After a few safety tips, we hopped into our colored Zorbs – 6 per side on each of the Yellow and Blue teams. The difference between this Zorb and the one we did in Rotorua, was it was almost like putting on a backpack – but a little more awkward to say the least.

0W5A1361 (670x447)

The referee showed us how to flip forwards and backwards and how to get yourself ‘unstuck’ if you got tipped upside down (which definitely happened on a few occasions). Once we had a few minutes to get the hang of it, the whistle blew and our 9mins quarters began! It was HILARIOUS seeing everyone fumbling around the field, crashing into one another, sending each other into a backwards spin. It was also surprising how exhausting it was! I definitely didn’t plan my outfit right as I was sweating within the first few mins.

0W5A1405 (670x447)

0W5A1436 (670x447)

A few of the guys took the game pretty serious, giving it their all to dribble the ball and try to score. The rest of us just went around bouncing into one another trying to see how far you could make the other person go flying haha. It was definitely a good way to get any pent up frustration out in a ‘friendly’ game of soccer as no one could really get hurt (except maybe the referee – see video!)

Despite being really tired after each quarter, I seriously could have played that all night. I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in a long time! I would love to know how much one of those costs as it would be so much fun to have one (or two) of those at home to play around in!

0W5A1450 (670x447)

After 4 long quarters, it was a very close game, but my Yellow team took the win 6-5! Seriously if you’re looking for an awesome team building activity – Zorb Soccer is where it’s at! How much more New Zealand can you get??