Centennial Hut is an alpine hut in New Zealand above Franz Josef glacier. We first became enchanted by this hut when we saw a picture of it at the Banff Film Festival hosted by the New Zealand Alpine Club. Having just finished a high alpine skills course ourselves where we climbed neighboring 2,900m peak Mt Walter we decided to try and bag our first 3,000m peak, The Minarets, which is located a few kilometres from Centennial Hut. Unfortunately the recent run of incredibly hot weather had opened up a large number of crevasses on the face. We set a boot track the day before and headed off at 3:30am to make an attempt anyway. A pair of more experienced climbers had set off ahead of us and we watching them zig-zagging across the face to avoid the crevasses. We learned that the upper crevasses were impassible so the four of us retreated and climbed up Frechay Col instead for some epic views.

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